Wednesday, May 1, 2013

How to Plan a Wedding for $3,000! Cake

According to our $3,000 Budget Breakdown,
we have $250 to purchase a beautiful wedding cake. 

OPTION 1: In home baker
I have found the most affordable wedding cake option (besides making the cake yourself) tends to be hiring professionals who make cakes out of their home.  A simple google search or checking out classifieds (such as KSL or Craigslist) should aid you in finding them.

For example, the baker at will make you a 3 tiered cake of your choice for $200! 

OPTION 2: Cupcakes
Another inexpensive option is to order cupcakes through Sam's Club (or better yet make them) and put them into pretty cupcake paper wrappers like the ones below.

You can then rent a cupcake stand to display them or even better, make stands yourself.  Here are super easy stands you can make by gluing glass plates to candle sticks (both from the dollar store!). You can make them different sizes, shapes and heights thus creating a beautiful display.
OPTION 3: Non Traditional Cakes
Many brides today are skipping the traditional wedding cake and picking instead what they consider more edible and affordable options.  Here are some ideas to inspire you!


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