Thursday, May 2, 2013

How to Plan a Wedding for $3,000! Invitations and Stamps

According to our $3,000 Budget Breakdown,
we have $100 to buy and mail our invitations.  This is a little difficult to talk about because it really depends on how many invitations you are sending out.  Lets for the sake of this post assume that you are sending out 80 invitations, which is a lot!  If you need to send out more, you could use some of your Misc. money to cover the difference.

Lets first tackle stamps since there really is no way to get a "better deal" on stamps.  You can keep your costs as low as possible by not ordering oversized or square invitations.  The large invitations cost a lot more in shipping and really do not serve a purpose that will make your wedding more fun so it is a good thing to cut when you have a tight budget.  For 80 regular sized invitations, the cost of postage is currently $36.80.

Now onto the fun part!  The invitations themselves.  Lots of craft stores have great deals on invitations that you can print yourself at home.  There are also great tutorials all over the web for the DIY bride who wants to make her own invitations.  But since we are assuming 80 invitations, that is a lot of printer ink or a lot of work to DIY.  We are going to instead custom make our invitations through Walmart.  Walmart???  Yes!  They have a wide variety of beautiful invitations that you can custom design online.  To see all their options go to:

Here are a couple examples:

Cost for 80 invitations is $57.90.  Total cost with postage is under budget at: $94.70.

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