Submit Your Wedding!

We would love to see your wedding reception!!  To submit your wedding reception to LDS Cultural Hall Weddings and be an inspiration to future brides, your reception must meet the following criteria:

*Your wedding must have taken place within the last 5 years.
*Your reception must have been held in an LDS cultural hall.
*Your pictures must be high quality and you must have permission to post them.
*Final selection is up to the writers of the website.
*You need to submit answers to the following questions with your photos.

-Date of your wedding reception.
-First names of bride and groom.
-City and state where the reception was held.
-Why you chose to have your reception at the cultural hall.
-Advice for future brides.
-Your theme or colors or the look you were going for.
-What you wish you did differently.
-What you are really glad you did.
-What went better then expected.
-What failed.
-Who were your vendors for the following: Rentals, Linens, Flowers, Food, Music, Clothing, Cake
-How much did you spend (optional)?

Please submit the above survey and pics to Kelly at

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