Thursday, May 2, 2013

How to Plan a Wedding for $3,000! Garter

According to our $3,000 Budget Breakdown,
we only have $5 to purchase the garter.  The garter is traditionally removed from the bride by the groom and thrown to all the eligible bachelors.  The one who catches it will be the next one married.

Please do not take the garter too seriously!  When it was my own wedding, I searched and searched for a garter I loved.  I didn't want something that looked cheap and I wanted one that fit with the theme of my wedding.  It was a WASTE of time, money and effort.  Your garter will be hidden under your dress for 99% of our wedding day.  Then it will be thrown in the air and then stuffed in a guy's pocket.  No one but the dude who catches it will even really get a good look at it and frankly, he doesn't care one bit that it was made of antique lace.  So go simple, go cheap and move on with more important details.

Here are some great $5 or less options:

Etsy ( has lots to choose from for under $5.  Here is one for $4.

Stuff 4 Crafts ( has this one for only $1.47!
You can often find garters for very little at your local big box store (Walmart, Target, etc) or at your local craft store.  I am going to follow my own advice and move on to more important details! ;)

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