Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Advantages of a Cultural Hall Wedding Reception

The local LDS church cultural hall is still by far the most popular location for LDS wedding receptions. And for good reason! There are many advantages with choosing to have your wedding reception at your church cultural hall:

*It is free to reserve the hall!

*Tables and chairs are provided for free!

*A spacious kitchen is available for food prep, again for free!

*There are plenty of restrooms for your guests.

*There is tons of parking available.

*You do not need to worry about weather conditions like you would with an outdoor wedding reception.

*You are allowed to bring your own food. A big cost savings.

*You are allowed to use whatever vendors you want. This can save considerable money on a wedding planner, flowers, etc. You can shop around for the best deal.

*The room is large enough to invite as many or as many as you would like.

*It is a convenient location for many of your friends and especially your ward members! Bonus, none of your ward members will get lost trying to find your reception.

*You have LOTS of access to the building so you can visit over and over again to figure out your wedding plans and details.

*Any color scheme will fit in.

But there are a few disadvantages too. We hope through this website we can help brides overcome these.

*You have a big blank slate that is not very pretty. It takes creativity to make it look beautiful.

*Those darn basketball hoops!

On this website we are going to share ideas on how to make your LDS cultural hall wedding reception everything you have dreamed of! So come back frequently.

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  1. Yeah, I agree with this post. I also want cultural and classic Austin Venues for my wedding day. It turns a simple event space look royal and luxurious.