Sunday, May 5, 2013

How to Plan a Wedding for $3,000! Get Away Car

According to our $3,000 Budget Breakdown
we have NO money for a Get Away Car.

Sorry!  But for our tight budget like ours, there is no room for a limo.  BUT it is soooooooo fun not to have one!  Why?  Because one of the best things about being a groomsman is being able to decorate the newlywed's car.  And it is truly a fun experience to be driving down the road as a couple, with a silly decorated car, having everyone honking and congratulating you.  What is embarrassing at first, ends up being a wonderful memory.  So cancel the limo and bring your own car.  It is a fun tradition you don't want to miss out on. 

Don't have a car?  Even better!  Since you are having your wedding at the cultural hall, we can assume that you are a short distance to your home.  Wouldn't it be so fun and unique to leave on decorated bikes?  (You will want to change out of your dress first)  Look how adorable!


  1. I'm looking for a wedding hall in Huntley and this is good to know. I guess I could just use the inside of the church, I just feel like that's a lot of space to decorate.

  2. Most of the wedding venues Los Angeles offer car decoration service as discount part of their overall service package. There car decoration services are fabulous.

  3. My daughters wedding is coming up in about a month. We would really like to make it perfect and to give her the best we can for her. Right now we are trying to find a place to host the reception and we hope it will be the place.